Data Consultancy

We can provide data to enrich your customer and organisational data and get you the business intelligence you need. Our data consultancy has 25 years’ experience in finding data to meet our clients’ needs. We have built relationships with most major geo-data suppliers and developed an impressive network of suppliers for more specialised data types. Where data is only available in a limited area, we have the expertise to model it, so it can be applied nationally with a high level of accuracy.

Once we have found all the data you need, we can combine it with your existing data to generate powerful business insight. Here are just a few examples of the data which we have supplied to our clients in the past:

Location, boundary, and map data

  • Mapping data: we act as a re-seller for most national mapping providers including Ordnance Survey, Collins Bartholomew and HERE Technologies, giving us access to high-quality, incredibly detailed maps of the UK.
  • Postcode area and PAF data: we use Royal Mail data to keep accurate boundary data from individual postcode units, up to sector, district, and full postcode areas. We can also provide you with Postcode Address Finder (PAF) data at either part PAF or full PAF level.
  • Boundary data: for public sector organisations, we can supply geodata segmented by administrative area to make it meaningful to the non-profit area. In addition, these clients can often benefit from the PSGA (Public Sector Geospatial Agreement), which allows them to use major provider data such as Ordnance Survey maps at zero cost.
  • Travel network data: the road network is constantly changing, so we ensure that we always have the most up-to-date network data to use with our projects. In addition, we produce TimeTravel, our realistic drive-time and distance data based on real-life drive times.

Example of HERE road network data.

Lifestyle data

  • Census data: the only mandatory, comprehensive survey describing the UK population, and a very useful addition to any customer dataset. In addition to providing the most detailed data from the census, we also append and model other lifestyle data to ensure that this data remains as up-to-date and accurate as possible.
  • Lifestyle survey data: a great addition to census data, the Living Costs and Food Survey (LCF) from the Office of National Statistics and the British Population Survey (BPS) offer valuable insight on consumer behavior and are useful for targeting marketing activity and segmenting your customer base.
  • Demographic profiling: we have modelled our own comprehensive geodemographic data based around census, LCF and BPS data; P2 People & Places provides in-depth social portraits and realistic group boundaries. Its offers particularly high levels of discrimination for less affluent groups so is well suited to public sector use in targeting the provision of services.

Identifying consumers using geodemographic profiling.

Infrastructure & environmental data

  • Local infrastructure and services: these are rarely mapped in a nationally cohesive way, but we have experience in aggregating data from multiple sources to identify local services that are relevant to your industry. For example identifying proximity of local business to broadband cables. See the blog…

A sample fibre optic infrastructure map.

Bespoke data

  • Data modelling: if the data you need isn’t available nationally we can take local data and model it on a national scale. So if you are looking to expand your business to a new area, or use a related data to identify new sales opportunities then get in touch.
  • Bespoke data collection: if the data you need doesn’t exist, we can help to collect it. We are particularly expert at collecting travel data. Our two most recent projects have been to obtain national road user feedback for a UK advisory body, and evaluate the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Europe.

Road user survey screenshot.

Working with Beacon Dodsworth

In our role as data consultants we work with organisations of all sizes in both public and private sectors to help them to realise the potential of their data. As such our way of working is explorative and iterative to ensure that we can best meet their needs. We talk with you to find out what your requirements are before exploring the most effective – and cost-effective – solution. We like to be frank about what is possible with existing tools and your own staff before we explore bespoke, or more expensive options. We always strive to provide you with the best value for your data solution.

Get in touch for an informal chat about what we can do for your business and to explore the data solutions we have to offer.

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