Census 2011 - UK census data

Compulsory, comprehensive and complete

The Census is the UK's only mandatory survey and delivers a comprehensive view of demographics, lifestyles and employment of the UK population

Census data delivers actionable insight about your customers

Census data covers demographics

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Family status
  • Social grade
  • Ethnicity

Lifestyle data

  • Education level
  • Housing type and tenure
  • Health and spend on health care

Employment details

  • Job grade
  • Industry sector
  • Commuting methods

Census data is provided based on administrative areas.

Beacon Dodsworth take the raw census data supplied by the surveying bodies* and model it to  postcode sector geography. Using postcode sector geography means it is easier to match your business data with the census data.

 * Office for National Statistics, National Records Scotland and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

Approximate Social Grade
Sector All AB C1 C2 D
AL 1 1 2097 1069 640 192 197
AL 1 2 1933 701 555 281 395
AL 1 3 1965 954 504 164 242
AL 1 4 2725 1707 643 183 192

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UK population survey data

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Visualisation of Census age and sex data

Visualisation of Census age and sex data

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