Census 2011 survey data tables

Learn about your customers with postcode sector based Census survey data

Census data provides actionable insight about the people who are important to your business or organisation.

The most requested Census 2011 data tables

  • Age by Sex (UK)
  • Age by Sex by Social Grade (England and Wales)
  • Age in 1 year bands
  • Approximate Social Grade
  • Country of Birth
  • Economic Activity
  • Ethnic Group
  • Headcounts
  • Household Composition by Household
  • Long Term Health Problem
  • Male-Female split
  • Method of travel to work
  • Social Grade by Lifestage (England and Wales)
  • Tenure by Household

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Other Census 2011 data tables modelled to postcode sector geography 
Table code Table title
KS101 Usual resident population
KS102 Age structure
KS103 Marital and civil partnership status
KS104 Living arrangements
KS105 Household composition
KS106 Adults not in employment and dependent children and persons with long-term health problem or disability for all households
KS107 Lone parent households with dependent children
KS201 Ethnic group
KS204 Country of birth
KS205 Passports held
KS301 Health and provision of unpaid care
KS401 Dwellings, household spaces and accommodation type
KS402 Tenure
KS404 Car or van availability
KS405 Communal establishment residents
KS501 Qualifications and students
KS601 Economic activity
KS602 Economic activity - Males
KS603 Economic activity - Females
KS604 Hours worked
KS605 Industry
KS606 Industry - Males
KS607 Industry - Females
KS608 Occupation
KS609 Occupation - Males
KS610 Occupation - Females
KS611 NS-SeC
KS612 NS-SeC - Males
KS613 NS-SeC - Females
QS101 Residence type
QS102 Population density
QS105 Schoolchildren and full-time students at their non term-time address
QS108 Living arrangements
QS110 Adult lifestage (alternative adult definition)
QS111 Household lifestage
QS112 Household composition - People
QS114 Household composition (alternative child and adult definitions) - People
QS115 Household composition (alternative child and adult definitions) - Households
QS117 People aged 18 to 64 living in a one adult household
QS118 Families with dependent children
QS119 Households by deprivation dimensions
QS202 Multiple ethnic groups
QS204 Main language detailed
QS205 Proficiency in English
QS208 Religion
QS210 Religion (detailed)
QS301 Provision of unpaid care
QS302 General health
QS401 Accommodation type - People
QS402 Accommodation type - Households
QS403 Tenure - People
QS404 Tenure - Household Reference Person aged 65 and over
QS406 Household size
QS407 Number of rooms
QS408 Occupancy rating (rooms)
QS409 Persons per room (Households)
QS410 Persons per room (People)
QS417 Household spaces
QS418 Dwellings
QS419 Position in communal establishment
QS420 Communal establishment management and type - Communal establishments
QS421 Communal establishment management and type - People
QS501 Highest level of qualification
QS502 Qualifications gained
QS602 Economic activity of Household Reference Persons
QS603 Economic activity - Full-time students
QS604 Hours worked
QS605 Industry
QS606 Occupation (Sub-Major Groups)
QS607 NS-SeC
QS608 NS-SeC of Household Reference Person - People aged under 65
QS609 NS-SeC of Household Reference Person - People
QS610 NS-SeC of Household Reference Person (HRP) - HRP aged under 65
QS612 Year last worked
KS209 Religion (GB Only)
QS116 Household type (GB Only)
QS801 Year of arrival in the UK (GB Only)
QS802 Age of arrival in the UK (GB Only)
QS803 Length of residence in the UK (GB Only)