Lifestyle data for enhanced demographic analysis

Enhancing business data with demographic data unlocks detailed and actionable insight

Britain and its population are changing at a faster pace than ever before. Having the most current and robust lifestyle data available is vital to social, financial and commercial decision making.

Understand people's lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes

Lifestyle surveys are used to help understand the behaviour and characteristics of consumers. They cover a wide range of topics that extend the data collected in the census as well as adding income and expenditure data and purchasing behaviour.

As well as integrating lifestyle data into our geodemographic classification P² People & Places, we can create customised data profiles that help describe your clients. If your analysis needs extra data to measure existing performance or estimate and model demand, lifestyle survey data will help.


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Living costs and food survey data

LCF (Living Costs and Food Survey)

Published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the Living Costs and Food* (LCF) survey provides detailed information on weekly household expenditure across Great Britain on a range of product categories from menswear, alcohol and recreation to home improvements and baked goods. It is an invaluable source of socio-economic data as well as providing primary information for the Retail Prices Index.

  • Used in RPI
  • GB wide
  • Combines Family Expenditure and National Food surveys
  • Socio-economic data
  • Weekly household spend
  • Range of spending categories

This survey helps you understand your customer habits better. Get in touch to find out how.

See a list of the main LCF variables here.

*Formerly known as the EFS (Expenditure and Food Survey), the LCF (Living Cost and Food Survey) brings together the Family Expenditure and National Food Surveys

Map displays 10 minute drive time catchments around store locations with table containing spend on furniture

Furniture takings 10 minute drive times
Store HH LCF Furniture Weekly Take Market Share %
Nailsea 24657 387317 5000 1.29
Nailsworth 12484 197859 7500 3.79
Ryford 26063 412721 5500 1.33
Weston 40354 525831 5000 0.95
Yate 30544 483389 4000 0.83


British Population Survey data

BPS (British Population Survey)

The British Population Survey (BPS) provides comprehensive, up-to-date and affordable data about the people of Great Britain from family circumstances, household mix, everyday expenditure, income, education, employment, media consumption and internet usage.


  • Comprehensive
  • Up to date
  • GB wide
  • Household mix and income
  • Economic status and social grade
  • Media and internet usage
  • Education and employment

Data is updated every month by personal face-to-face interviews (over 80,000 individuals per year for the BPS). This means large yet accurate sample sizes fully representative of the adult population – the holy grail of any data analyst!

Heat map displays households with children indexed against national average

Households with children Indexed vs National
  HH with children
Sector HH Count % Index
GU11 4 59 26 44 147
GU11 2 901 392 43 143
GU11 1 2737 947 35 115
GU12 4 5502 1774 32 106
GU12 5 3354 1058 32 106
GU 4 8 2187 584 27 89


Lifestyle data

Using Lifestyle Data

Add Lifestyle data to your analysis to better understand your customers' behaviours and characteristics. Combining BPS, LCF and P² People & Places demographics datasets adds depth to your analysis and indicates best routes to market, financial status and spending habits across many different products.

  • Do you want to analyse weekly household expenditure on specific grocery items?
  • Do you want a thematic hot/cold map detailing the postcode sectors that have a higher propensity to spend on healthy eating, for example?
  • Do your customers personal expenditure choices affect your bottom line?
  • Does your route to market hit the correct people?
  • Are your newspaper adverts read by your customers?


Heat map of household weekly spend indexed against national average

HH weekly spend Indexed vs National
  Fresh fruit & vegetables
Sector HH Value Per HH Index
GU 2 8 3090 25615.65 8.29 87
GU11 1 2779 23823.40 8.57 90
GU12 4 5474 48198.44 8.80 93
GU 1 4 2380 21891.12 9.20 97
GU11 3 5105 47258.79 9.26 97
GU12 6 3823 36564.82 9.56 100


Income and expenditure data icon

Income and Expenditure Profiles

Disposable income data generated from the Living Costs and Food Survey allows patterns of spend and wealth to be identified.

Primary and secondary household incomes are combined to give a gross disposable household income. This data can be presented on postal or administrative geography to suit your requirements.

Primary household income includes gross salaries received, property income received, interest and dividends on investments and how much property income is paid out.

Secondary household income includes social benefts received, financial gifts received, taxes paid out and pension and social security contributions.

Heat map displays weekly household spend per postcode sector

Weekly household spend at postcode sector

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