Mapping Data - A range of data to enhance your analysis

Enhance your reporting with data from the best mapmakers

A selection of data products for mapping from the market leaders. We have data available covering the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world. Whether you need large scale maps to plan delivery rounds or small scale maps to preview national sales territories, there is a mapping solution suitable.

Providers of map data

Providers of map data


HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) street data

  • UK and international coverage
  • Digital data for use in GIS
  • Street data
  • Administrative areas
  • Urban sprawl
  • Points of interest

From a base package with street level road networks, railway lines, urban sprawl and some land use features to a premium package with driver and road restrictions and access information for different vehicle types, we can supply HERE mapping data with accurate speed models and routing information.
Read how we used HERE data in an outdoor research project in Austria.


Map displays HERE street data

HERE street data


Geographic data icon


Collins Bartholomew

  • GB and Northern Ireland
  • Raster and vector mid scale maps
  • Raster small scales maps for GB

A selection of mid scale and small scale raster and vector datasets for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These attractive maps show road networks, coastlines and urban areas.


Map displays Collins Bartholomew road networks, coastlines and urban areas

Collins Bartholomew road networks, coastlines and urban areas


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Ordnance Survey

  • GB data used in public and private sectors
  • Raster and vector data from national to street level
  • Road networks and routing information
  • Points of interest

The most comprehensive mapping data available. With access to OS open data products as well as experience working with public sector organisations using the PSGA agreements for ITN and the 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 raster maps.

Map displays Ordnance Survey data

Ordnance Survey data

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