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Road, rail, and topographic network data products from HERE, Collins Bartholomew and OS

Using network data to plan road journeys taking road conditions and restrictions into account.

Attributed road networks for the UK and beyond are used in transport and logistics planning, travel survey analysis, and the creation of drive time catchments. Beacon Dodsworth work with Collins Bartholomew, OS, and HERE data suppliers for detailed road network data products.

Topographical networks like rivers and railways are also available. Enhance your presentation with road, rail, and hydrographic datasets.

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HERE street level road network

A comprehensive road network that carries road category and traffic restriction information. HERE data is available with different levels of detail across many different countries.


Map built with HERE road network data

HERE road network

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OS Road Network Data

OS carry a range of road network data products. ITN (Integrated Transport Network) is a flagship product with vast detail covering connectivity, road types, driving restrictions, and one ways. Open Roads has less detail but is available through the government open data initiatives.


Map displays OS road network data

OS road network

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Collins Bartholomew Road Network Data

Collins Bartholomew produce a road network covering the UK, NI, and Ireland. The network across NI and the UK is built into Prospex for driving calculations.

Map built with Collins Bartholomew road network data

 Collins Bartholomew road network

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