Bespoke Mapping

Professional data mapping without the cost of GIS software

There are many benefits of geographical data analysis using a GIS, but we appreciate that some clients don’t need to have a GIS at their fingertips everyday. There are many cases where GIS analysis is only required occasionally, such as an ad-hoc review of your customer or sales network, or if you are considering opening a new store. Equally, if your data specialist is on holiday or under too much pressure, you might need to outsource a project to ease the workload or meet an important deadline.

This is where our bureau service can help. Our dedicated team of GIS experts have access to our full range of geographic and demographic analysis tools including Prospex and MapVision GIS, TimeTravel drive time data, and P2 People & Places demographic data. They can perform in-depth analysis to help you to visualise and analyse your data to support key business decisions. From simple bespoke maps to complete outsourced projects, our GIS consultancy team can help companies looking for one-off, fixed price jobs. Here are just some of the most popular services that our clients entrust us with.

Location analysis and competitor mapping

For established businesses, we can undertake a one-off site review of an existing store network. Identify customer hotspots and their distance from your existing network, visualise sales catchment areas, check competitor and supplier locations and evaluate your sales network to see if it is as effective as possible.

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Giant maps

Need an oversized map of your branch network or sales territories for head office? Producing an event stand to showcase your nationwide reach? We have experience in creating high quality, detailed, high resolution maps and producing them in multiple digital and print formats for a wide variety of uses. Why not showcase your brand’s potential and transform your location data into a powerful brand asset.

Working from a large wall map

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Batch mapping

Even with a GIS, some processes can be time consuming for a small data team. Producing multiple maps to cover a large sales network might take a small team weeks to complete. We have scalable resource and the ability to automate complex queries to complete such work in hours - with significant savings in staff time and overall cost.

A collection of map projects

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Targeted marketing

Add depth to your customer database by adding geographical insight. Produce demographic maps and overlay your own sales catchments or identify new high-propensity target areas for marketing campaigns. We can bring together location and demographic data to create powerful insights to power your next marketing campaign.

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Site analysis

Ideal for new startups or franchises. Let us analyse the potential of a location before you commit to the expense of leasing or purchasing a site, or to help with your business plan or funding application. We can help you to evaluate a potential site based on the proximity of competitors, transport hubs, facilities and infrastructure. Our demographic profiling of the local audience can check it matches your ideal customer type.

The data you need in a format to suit you

Once we have processed the data, we can return the results in a format to suit you:

  • GIS project file to use in your own version of Prospex or proprietary GIS
  • MapVision digital project to view and share online
  • A PDF to share digitally
  • An image file which you can include on your website or use in printed material
  • Professionally printed map delivered to your door

By entrusting us with your next geodata project, you will benefit from 25 years of expertise and our full range of geographical intelligence tools without the need to hire and train new staff or pay for new software licences. We have a long history of providing exceptional data and service to our customers, and can help you to get the most out of your data and your budget.

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