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We are Beacon Dodsworth, a mapping and data intelligence company who have been helping organisations like yours since 1994. Amongst the services we provide are:

  • Customer, store and network mapping
  • Demographic data to enrich customer data
  • Travel time analysis and mileage calculation
  • Network and Territory optimisation

We offer all of our services on a consultancy basis or can provide you with the tools you need to do it in-house.

Our latest product, MapVision, offers an easy-to-use data mapping and business intelligence tool, making location intelligence available to businesses of any size.

Here is an overview of what it could do for you.

Desktop mapping icon

Easily create maps from spreadsheet data

  • Map your Microsoft Excel, or spreadsheet data quickly and easily
  • Plot postcode areas, districts, sectors and units, or use coordinates to geocode and map your data
  • Create pin or point maps, cluster maps, heat maps and catchment or territory maps from your data
  • Visualise data from KML or POD GIS files without a costly Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Overlay multiple datasets on a single map for at-a-glance understanding and analysis
  • Display your data on detailed UK-wide maps from Ordnance Survey (OS) and Collins Bartholomew

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Illustration of MapVision's data import and geocoding process.

Exploring the detail icon

Explore your data in context

  • Switch data layers on and off easily to tailor detail to your purpose or audience
  • Set display scales, so data only shows at the relevant zoom/detail level
  • Use a key, data labels, or data-linked pop-ups to display detail where you want it
  • Define efficient territories or catchments using the native drive-time tool
  • Includes postcode, electoral, administrative or postcode boundaries, to define your territories
  • Benefit from inclusive data such as census household and population counts to work out local penetration or territory potential

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Examples of pin, heat, cluster and territory maps in MapVision.

Cogs icon

Customise your maps

MapVision includes its own set of design tools to style and theme your data maps to make them as eye catching as possible or to match your desired theme or brand:

  • Choose from a wide range of colour themes to make your maps really stand out
  • Choose custom map pin icons from a comprehensive library
  • Bring your maps on brand using specific hex colour codes
  • Add patterns to your maps to help differentiate areas and make them more accessible
  • Switch the background map to greyscale or reduce the opacity to help your data stand out
  • Save your final theme to quickly apply it to future projects

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Heat map to accessible map

Our other products and services

MapVision is just one of our suite of location intelligence tools. We offer a range of products and services from powerful GIS systems, to completely outsourced mapping and data analysis.

Whether you are looking to take your first steps in location analysis or would like someone to handle your data mapping for you we have the tools and expertise to help.

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