Location intelligence for local authorities and NGOs

With increasing pressure on public sector budgets, efficient allocation of services is vital. Our geographic intelligence tools and data services help local authorities, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and supporting contractors to operate in the most effective way possible with the resources at hand.

Here are just some of the examples of the services we provide to our local government and NGO clients:

Bin lorry on a busy street.

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Targeted deployment of frontline services

Geographic and geodemographic analysis allow you to provide services more efficiently. Our work with a national advisory NGO has used this type of analysis to benchmark, assess, and offer recommendations to local authorities on their use of frontline services. Our data has been used to:

  • Assess geographic trends of current frontline service use
  • Cross reference geographic data with other data such as weather trends to predict spikes in demand
  • Compare service provision across different authorities to assess performance or create a benchmark

Case Study: Benchmarking frontline services

See how we are helping this not-for-profit organisation to advise local authorities on best practice for their frontline services.

Heath map of those aged over 65 years old in York.

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Reduce demand on frontline services with geodemographic insight

Whether it is academic research about national pharmaceutical prescription trends, or individual local authorities identifying vulnerable groups to target with preventative activity; our P2 People & Places demographic data offers a high level of differentiation amongst low-affluence groups as it doesn’t rely on financial transaction data. Our clients trust this data to;

  • Identify vulnerable groups to target with preventative services and social prescribing
  • Accurately target educational campaigns by selecting the best media for a target audience
  • Cross reference geodemographics with more confidential or public sector data to identify population needs and risks before they reach a critical point

Case Study: Identifying the socially isolated

How Northamptonshire County Council used our geodemographic data to identify those most in need of social prescribing services.

Northamptonshire County Council logo set over a busy street scene.

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Intelligent planning and location analysis

Our geodemographic data allows you to evaluate the need for new facilities, whilst our mapping and location intelligence tools make it easy to identify the best place for new facilities, and demonstrate this data to multiple audiences in an intuitive way;

  • Identify the need for new public facilities and identify the optimum location to build them
  • Assess planning applications based on population density, demographic requirements and journey time catchments
  • Share geographical data intuitively across different departments, project teams, and the public

Case Study: Simple sharing of planning proposals

Stuart Todd Associates use our MapVision system to provide at-a-glance geodata and a complete planning consultancy service to their clients.

Stuart Todd Associates logo on point set map.

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More efficient travel and processes

Our mapping tools and journey time and distance data allow you to better plan, record and evaluate journeys by residents and employees, for example;

  • Journey time or distance isochrone maps allow for intelligent location of facilities or events
  • Custom location tools to create intuitive journey satisfaction questionnaires
  • Drive time and distance data provided via an API to quickly and efficiently validate staff travel expense claims.

Case Study: Efficient travel expenses processing

How NHS Shared Business Services use our data to measure travel distances for quick, automated expenses validation and processing.

NHS SBS logo on route map.

Experience with administrative geography

We have more than 25 years’ experience of working with location data in the public sector. All of our geographic information systems and geodemographic data work with both postcode and administrative geography, allowing seamless cross-sector working with external bodies and private sector systems.

Free maps and data for the public sector

For additional cost efficiencies, much of the map data we can provide is available under the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA), meaning that it is free to public sector clients and agencies working on their behalf.

In addition to our fixed cost service, this means we can offer the best possible value to our public sector clients.


Whether you are looking to improve your own service provision, or working with a local authority client, we have the tools and expertise to help.

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