Location intelligence for the marketing sector


Our geographic expertise can add depth to any marketing campaign from identifying an initial audience, through to evaluating a campaign and mapping new audience trends. Here are some examples of how we help marketing teams, agencies, consultants, and their clients benefit from location intelligence:

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Target your campaign

From a simple travel-time radius around a store, to a complete geodemographic and location analysis, we can give you the best chance of targeting campaign activity at the audience with the highest propensity to respond.

  • Distance or travel time radii around stores, outlets, agents or venues
  • Geodemographic analysis and modelling to identify audiences with a high propensity to respond
  • PAF data to enrich direct mail or customer databases
  • Postcode sector, unit or detailed area maps for local agents

Case Study: Targeted doorstep fundraising

How we helped identify and allocate high-propensity territories to doorstep fundraisers.

Postcode sector map for a community fundraiser.

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Personalise your message

We can help you to identify and understand your audience using geodemographic modelling. In addition we can make your campaign messaging more effective by;

  • Creating custom maps of a prospect’s closest store or service centre
  • Identifying the closest rep or calculating drive times
  • Adding detailed profile data to basic address or area data

Case Study: Your nearest approved service centre 

See how we helped the RAC to direct their customers to their closest approved service centre in their membership communications.

RAC logo and location map

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Measure and share success

Our location data expertise allows us to effectively evaluate the success of campaigns – even those that were targeted locally, rather than at named individuals.

  • Create custom location tools for intuitive customer questionnaires
  • Measure promotion visibility of display or outdoor advertising
  • Share, map, and present results either as high quality print maps, or via our online collaboration tools

Case Study: Measuring success of outdoor advertising

How we worked with Austrian Outdoor to calculate visibility of outdoor campaigns.

Austria Outdoor survey screenshot

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Build an audience profile from your successes

Our purpose-built geodemographic data, P2 People & Places integrates seamlessly with our mapping tools allowing us to use location and demographics to create promising new audiences from incomplete campaign data;

  • Hot spot and trend analysis of purchases within an area
  • Profiling of respondent data or enriching a customer database
  • Creating a target profile from respondents and identifying other locations with high numbers of these people

Case Study: Evaluating a broadcast campaign

Assessing whether a broadcast distribution of free samples to an area worked, and building an audience profile from the results.

Simply Argan demographic profiling table

Working with us

During our 25 years in the geodata industry we've developed some powerful tools to help you achieve your business objectives. We've also developed a lot of expertise, so if don't have the in-house experts to make use of our tools, we can undertake projects on your behalf.

Tools we can provide to marketers:

We can supply your insight team with specialist tools to make them more effective, or provide intuitive tools to a consultant wanting to avoid outsourcing geodata work, our software and data products include:

  • Prospex GIS: our powerful desktop Geographic Information System offering complete geodata analysis and location intelligence tools
  • MapVision: an intuitive online mapping tool designed to make creating, sharing and presenting geodata as simple as possible
  • P2 People & Places: Our comprehensive – and cost-effective – demographic classification data based on census, Living Costs and Food (LCF) and British Population Survey (BPS) data
  • TimeTravel: Real-world journey time and distance data to allow for accurate catchment, audience and territory management

Expertise we can offer marketers:

Our dedicated experts are happy to undertake ad hoc jobs on your behalf. Here is a selection of the services we can offer:

  • Data Mapping & visualisation: let us plot and present data in its geographical context for you, either as high-quality printed maps, digital images, or interactive web projects
  • Location analysis: We can investigate target areas to help assess their potential value to a business or likelihood to buy a product
  • Tailored location data integrations: whether it is adding in location finder tools to a CRM, or intuitive geographical elements to online questionnaires, we can help
  • Data sourcing: We are authorised resellers for Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail maps and address products. We also have experience in finding less common location data to help you meet the needs of your clients

Whether you are looking to start a new marketing campaign, or evaluate
success of an existing venture, we have the tools and expertise to help.

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