GIS software, mapping, and data solutions - Retail Industry

Unlock the value in your business data

Spatial analysis of your data provides insight to enhance your business decisions. From customer profiling to location analysis our GIS and visualisation tools unlock the intelligence in your retail data.

Increase sales and improve efficiency using location intelligence in your marketing, planning and logistics.

For over 20 years we have successfully delivered a broad range of affordable yet robust solutions for clients in the retail industry.

Use Beacon Dodsworth’s GIS software, mapping, and data solutions to:

  • Plan store locations
  • Create highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Schedule delivery routes
  • Build store catchments and sales territories
  • Provide website store locator functionality
  • Estimate market potential
  • Profile customers and segment databases

Location analytics starts with a postcode.

Read on to learn more about the different types of solutions we provide to businesses in the retail industry.

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Estimate market potential in a new area

Use Prospex to produce a demographics based spending profile for your customers. Compare the actual sales against the profiled sales to get a good idea of market share in your store catchments. Use the profile to estimate market potential for new sales regions.

Read how existing customer spending profiles are applied to new areas to find the best store location by potential.

Map of Manchester with postcode sectors highlighted to display potential value per household

Potential value per household compared to existing store average


Profile your customers

Customer profiles provide valuable insight into the lifestyles and behaviours of your target audience. Customer profiles can also be used to segment your customer database and even find more customers.

Learn more about customer profiling with P2 People & Places.

Silhouette of shoppers

Customer profiling provides valuable insight.


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Plan store locations

After estimating the potential in a new area, find the best location for a new store by importing retail data, such as grocery expenditure and spending patterns into Prospex. Identify who lives in the surrounding area and the travelling time to the proposed store and compare the results with existing stores.

Read how Vision Express use Prospex and P² People & Places for location planning.

15 minute drive times mapped with market penetration percentages

15 minute overlapping drives with market penetration percentages

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Plan delivery routes and areas

Make deliveries more efficient. Find the best order to make deliveries using the shortest or quickest route between each delivery point. The software assesses road speeds, one way and no entry restrictions to calculate the most efficient route. Assign balanced and compact delivery areas to individual stores to improve your customer experience.

Read how a national wine retailer defines store delivery areas.

Map displays efficient order for deliveries

Efficient delivery route

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Provide a store locator on your web page

When operating from multiple sites it's important to let potential customers know which is the nearest location.

Improve customer experience on your website by adding a "Where's my nearest?" page. Help your customers get to their nearest outlet.

Map shows a range of store locations by using where's my nearest functionality

Retail site locations for "Where's my nearest?"

Call scheduling software

Prospex desktop mapping software contains a range of scheduling tools.

Schedule visits spread over days, weeks, and months for any number of team members.

Read how Tactical Solutions use Prospex to manage field force.

Map created with Prospex displays typical schedule

Example of visit schedule

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Accurate mapping and data for estate agents

Tailored solutions to provide your clients with precise and accurate local knowledge. A range of mapping and data solutions that help you provide the best information to your clients.

From a large wall map showing sale locations to data tables of local points of interest, we have a solution to help you.

Read more about our bespoke mapping solutions.

A local knowledge map.

Selection from a local knowledge map


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