Demographic groups projected onto a street map.

Gain insight into customer behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles

P² People & Places (P2) is our cost-effective demographic classification tool for categorising the UK population. Built from census and lifestyle data, it categorises and describes the behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles of people living in the UK. It allows users to develop a deeper understanding of UK consumers, their neighbourhoods, and geographical trends within an area. Using postcode or administrative boundaries, this dataset is used for both commercial and social insight. Amongst its many uses, our clients use P2 to:

For a more detailed exploration of the features and strengths of our P2 People & Places demographic data, visit our P2 product page , or if you'd like to know more about how we created this dataset you can visit our making P2 page. If you are an experienced geodemographic data user, you can explore the detail of the P2 demographic classifications on our in-depth profiling page.


Image illustrating how geodemographics helps you to understand your audience