TimeTravel drive time and distance data

TimeTravel is our dataset of postcode sector and postcode district drive times and distances that can be integrated into most databases, CRMs or websites. It provides a way to accurately plan and measure customer or staff journeys to allow for better travel, territory and site location planning.

This dataset is calculated based on the current road network and factors in type of road and number of junctions on any given journey. It accurately differentiates between HGV and car journeys, and peak and off-peak travel, to give accurate distance and real-time journey length. It even factors in the main UK ferry routes in case your journey takes you across a body of water. The result is a set of data that is far more accurate than simple crow fly distances but simple enough to be able to run multiple journey queries in a very short time. Here is just a selection of its main uses:

Example Radii and travel times on a map.

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Optimise a multi-site business

If you are a multi-site business, knowing which store, branch, hotel or service centre is closest to any given client can improve your chance of gaining their custom. TimeTravel data has been used by our clients to:

  • Power a web-based “where is my nearest” tool to allow your customers to find their closest hotel, store or service centre
  • Personalise marketing and membership communications to increase the chance of a customer responding or visiting their local branch
  • Identify potential clients that fit a specific customer profile within a set drive time radius of a site to generate profitable long-term custom

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Improve territory and fleet management

If your business includes any element of commercial travel, TimeTravel data can help you to realise significant savings through efficiencies and accurate planning, whether you want to:

  • Define sales territories based on an actual drive time or distance radius, rather than using abstract crow fly distances
  • Allocate new clients or enquiries to their closest representative
  • Improve logistics planning with accurate travel times for your HGV or commercial fleet
  • Set delivery cost bandings based on distance from warehouse
  • Map franchise areas based on true travel distance radii

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Manage staff travel & expenses

Outside of a sales environment, TimeTravel data has useful applications in improving the efficiency of staff travel and financial management:

  • Calculating mileage for more accurate staff or contractor travel expenses with reliable data making real-time 24/7 claims possible
  • Validating existing expenses claims quickly, efficiently, and potentially automatically, before remunerating staff
  • Identifying the closest agent to a client for more effective site visits, improving time and resource management

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As part of a complete site analysis or campaign

Drive time and distance data comes into its own when it is used alongside other data to make a completely holistic site analysis for a new business, or to review sites for expansion or rationalisation. You could:

  • Assess the local travel network around the site to see which location gives you the widest customer catchment through an efficient road network
  • Apply TimeTravel data to your competitor’s store network to identify areas of low competition
  • Use TimeTravel data paired with geodemographic profiles to find profitable areas with large numbers of high propensity or high value clients within a set travel distance
  • Create accurate travel-time radii around your existing network to check for cannibalisation and competition amongst your own stores or sites

How it works:

TimeTravel data is pre-calculated based on postcode sectors and postcode districts. This means that we get a good level of detail without going down to individual postcode level, which with almost 2.6 million postcodes would be next to impossible to calculate or store every possible journey combination (see our postcode to postcode blog for more details on the challenges we face).

Working at postcode sector level means we can pre-calculate every possible sector to sector journey across the whole country. The calculation we use, allows for the size of each road in a given journey, the amount of junctions navigated and works out total journey time for car or HGV, peak and off-peak. The dataset is updated regularly to allow for changes to the postcode and road network and then re-supplied to clients to ensure that their data remains accurate.

Integrating it into your systems

TimeTravel data can be integrated into almost any database, CRM, logistics system or website. Alternatively, we are able to host the data or design a bespoke application for it to sit within. Costs for our journey time and distance are flexible depending on the level of detail you require and how widely it will be used, so get in touch if you’d like more details. It can also be used with our own geodemographic and GIS systems to give complete location analysis and territory management functionality.

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