Building a customer profile from demographic and location data.

Adding depth to geographical data

A good Geographical Information System (GIS) is more than just a mapping software solution, it can help you to add depth to your geographical data by applying demographic profiling or your own customer data to give meaningful insight into an area. Prospex was developed alongside our own P2 People & Places demographic profiling data, meaning that geodemographic profiling is an integral part of its location intelligence toolset, not an afterthought.

Analyse the areas that suit your organisation

The most commonly used analysis area is the postcode. As such Prospex can analyse and match data at an individual postcode level or at sector, district, or postcode area levels to suit your detail requirements. Prospex also works with administrative boundaries, making it an ideal GIS for using with public sector bodies and services who work with these areas. Equally, a user can define their own bespoke areas for analysis, whether this matches store catchments, sales territories or delivery areas.

Map meaningful data to your locations

Prospex is able to analyse a host of supporting data to bring you in-depth business intelligence. Our own P2 People & Places demographic profiling data works very well in Prospex to add consumer insight to your geographical or customer data, but Prospex can work perfectly with all current demographic datasets.

In addition to our own data products, we are licensed resellers for a number of data suppliers such as the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey (OS) to supply you with the data to enable Prospex to undertake in-depth customer data analysis. Census data from the ONS can provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build profiles for your existing customers and potential new audiences. This can be supplemented with Living Costs and Foods survey (LCF) (also from the ONS), and British Population Survey (BPS) to build up a robust picture of consumers in your analysis areas.

Many of our own clients have their own industry, sector or competitor data that they nest within Prospex in order to gain competitive advantage. Prospex is a robust data platform, able to accommodate a wide range of data for analysis in a geographic context. In addition, we have many years of experience in sourcing bespoke data for more specific purposes, or finding alternatives to expensive or hard-to-find datasets.

Applying individual insight to nationwide data

Once you have the area and audience data you require, Prospex can bring them together into meaningful insights allowing you to analyse your existing store or sales network. Add geographical insight and trends to your existing customer data to bring depth to your customer understanding. Use this enriched customer data, selected demographic profiles, or even competitor data, to plot potential new target areas and audiences. Prospex enables you to manage these store catchments and sales territories holistically as your business plan progresses. It also gives you the tools to be able to clearly present this data to a variety of audiences in order to share your findings and influence decision makes.

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