An example Prospex point map

Map in-depth data clearly with Prospex GIS

The best Geographical Information System (GIS) in the world needs to not only give you the data you need but also present it in such a way that the findings are easy to understand at-a-glance. Fortunately, Prospex has a range of bespoke mapping, presentation and visualisation tools that present your data in a clear, accessible, visually-appealing way, across different types of media.

Insightful geographic data at-a-glance

Prospex allows you to present sales, customer, competitor, store, or any other data on a map background. These background maps can be as detailed as you require, from a simple outline UK map to plot nationwide networks, down to a house-level detail map to plan sales routes or pinpoint exact customer locations. Catchments or sales territories can be overlaid onto these background maps as solid colour blocks or as transparencies depending on your preference. Individual points can be entered manually or imported as data to plot your shop, outlet, representative, or even individual customer locations. Scale bars and keys can be added to any part of your map to make the context of your data clear.

Powerful data, professionally presented

Prospex presentation tools make your business insight as visually appealing as possible to share your findings with stakeholders or clients. This GIS mapping software allows you complete control over the colour pallet used, including the ability to select exact RGB specific colours. You can tailor maps completely, so they are visually appealing and on-brand. Icons used within data analysis are entirely custom and you can even import your own bespoke images. For example, you could mark each store location on your map with your company logo. Finally, you can also add your own annotation to maps to help give the data context, or to explain important points.

Display data in a format to suit your audience

Now that your data is mapped and ready to present, Prospex gives you the freedom to choose the best media to reach your audience.

  • Save the visual as an image for use on reports, presentations or social media to showcase your findings.
  • Download your maps as larger image files for further processing in image software to help create an entirely bespoke piece of corporate literature.
  • Create giant-size maps of a sales territory for use in head office or display stands, or map your store network for a customer event. Even if you don’t have access to professional print facilities, Prospex allows you to save larger maps such as A1 or A0 as multiple smaller images which can be “stitched” together into a large-scale map.
  • Export the entire project as a working file in order to pass to another Prospex GIS user and allow them to further develop, or work from your findings.

Experienced in presenting complex data

Our in-house team can support you in getting the best possible processing and presentation for your geographical data. If you don’t have dedicated GIS users in house, specific expertise for a project, or lack the resources for a particular job, get in touch and our experienced team will be able to help.

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