An example territory-by-drive-time map

Territory management and route scheduling in Prospex GIS

Prospex can utilise geographic and demographic data to make sales territory mapping, route planning, and territory management for your team simple and effective. Defining territories can be as complex as you wish, from simply splitting an area into equally sized catchments amongst your team, to creating bespoke territories based on size, travel distance, customer value, audience profile and density. Once created, Prospex can help you to plan efficient sales or distribution routes and effectively manage your network as your strategy evolves.

Defining intelligent sales or delivery territories

Prospex can create and map territories or catchment areas based on any combination of the following to suit your requirements:

  • Rep headcount or catchment size: At the most basic level, Prospex can easily create evenly sized catchments based on the office or home address of your team. The most basic type of territory creation and well within the capabilities of our software.
  • Customer value: Using your current customer database, Prospex can create catchments based on the total value of existing customers in an area. This ensures that nobody on your team is disadvantaged in their sales targets and that your best customers all receive a good level of service by intelligently sharing the workload across your team.
  • Audience potential: Use your current database along with demographic data, such as our P2 People & Places data, to create client profiles for your best customers. Applying these profiles across the UK lets you rate catchments and ensure that each member of your team has a good chance of getting in front of potential customers with a high propensity to buy your product or service.
  • Drive time or distance: Using our drive time wizard, Prospex creates territories based on a maximum travel time. A useful tool, this will not only ensure that your team don’t spend excessive time on unprofitable journeys, it also identifies any recruitment needs and gaps in your sales or delivery network.

As well as being able to apply the above methods to territory creation, Prospex can also present the network maps that you create in an attractive form with colour overlays, transparencies, and borders to clearly show individual territories. Maps can be fully annotated, with important sites picked out with icons and values, and each element can be tailored to match your brand. The final maps can be exported as image files, PDFs, or professionally printed, allowing you to create supporting material tailored to your team’s needs. This is perfect for giving your team the information they need, in a format that suits them, to be able to service your network most effectively.

Efficient territory management

Creating an effective network or territory map is only the beginning. Fortunately Prospex also includes the tools you need to ensure that servicing these territories and long-term territory management is as efficient as possible.

Prospex has a suite of scheduling tools to help organise field team call schedules over weeks or even months. Simply, import your customer and staff locations along with details such as day length, call frequency and call length into the software. Then run the scheduler to produce organised call lists that are based on real-life travel times to create an efficient call schedule and maximise the time your team can spend with clients.

Once defined, territories in Prospex can be amended to take account of changes to your business, strategy, team, or customer base. Our software and data is regularly updated with new demographic and road network data to allow you to review and optimise sales territories and routes. With the territory mapping and management functions that Prospex offers, you can be certain that your team is operating as effectively as possible.

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