Simple mapping and geo-data analysis

MapVision is an easy-to-use browser-based mapping system. It allows you to dive into a new project without any training, and being web-based you don’t need to install any software.

We offer comprehensive user guides, tutorial videos, and web-chat support if you need any help. You can subscribe for as long as you need to get your mapping done, from a single month to a full year.

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  • No software to install
  • No training necessary
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Spreadsheet to mapped data in 3 simple steps

If you want to turn a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, or CSV file into a map, just log in to MapVision and follow the simple three step process.

  1. Browse for your data to point MapVision at it
  2. Choose the type of map you’d like, and tell MapVision which column holds the postcode or coordinate data
  3. MapVision will flag any errors, for example; incorrect postcodes or empty fields, and then display your data as a map

Visualisation of MapVision's simple import process.

What data can I map?

MapVision can map data from Microsoft Excel or any program that can produce data as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) text document. It can geocode UK locations based on any consistent location data key, whether that is UK postcode area (ie. YO), postcode district (ie. YO30), postcode sector (YO30 2), or postcode unit (YO30 2BD). It can also geocode based upon coordinates within the UK.

In addition, MapVision can read and map the most common Geographic Information Systems (GIS) files, including those from our own Prospex GIS. This allows you to view and review GIS data without the need for dedicated software, specialist training, or sizeable budget! It also makes it an ideal replacement for withdrawn or unsupported software such as Microsoft MapPoint or Google Fusion Tables.

What kind of maps can I make?

Whatever kind of data you would like to see in a geographical context, MapVision makes it simple to create a map to display it intuitively:

  • Pin or point maps, ideal to pinpoint stores, agents or even customers on a map
  • Heat maps to visually display values within an area
  • Cluster maps, for when you have too many data points for a simple pin map
  • Catchment or territory maps to outline sales or service areas

You can combine multiple types of maps in one project and turn on map layers with a simple tick box to display the data you need at-a-glance. Your data maps can be supported by tailored data labels or a dedicated key to make your data as clear as possible. Background maps are included from Ordnance Survey and Collins Bartholomew and can be shown in full colour, greyscale, or at reduced opacity to complement the data you want to display.

A visual summary of the maps that MapVision can create.

Attractive, intuitive maps are just the start…

Once your data is mapped, you can enjoy exploring your data with the intuitive tools available in MapVision. Give your maps a bespoke theme or colour scheme to make it fully accessible to any user and match your brand. You can also add in further data layers, either from your own sources or from the comprehensive library of data included with MapVision for no extra cost.