Enrich your maps and give your data context with MapVision

Simple map creation is just the start with MapVision.

Once your business data is mapped you have a range of tools to change the look and feel of your maps to make them attractive and accessible. You can also enhance your maps with additional data to provide in-depth visual data analysis.


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  • No software to install
  • No training necessary
  • No financial details required


Style your maps

MapVision includes its own set of design tools to style and theme your data maps to make them as eye catching as possible or to match your desired theme or brand:

  • Quickly choose from a range of predefined colour ranges to make your catchment or heat maps really stand out
  • Choose custom map pin icons to match your theme from a comprehensive library
  • Define your own colour theme or bring your maps on brand by defining specific hex colour codes
  • Add patterns to your maps to help differentiate areas and make them more accessible
  • Switch the background map to greyscale or reduce the opacity to help your data stand out
  • Once you are happy, you can save your final theme to quickly give future projects a consistent look and feel

A normal red to green heat map vs an accessible colour/pattern gradient map.

Enhance your data

MapVision lets you augment your data maps even further by feeding in additional datasets and presenting them seamlessly alongside your original data:

  • Draw custom polygons onto your maps or import them from an existing KML file
  • Use the drive-time wizard to draw radii around key points based on realistic peak, off-peak, HGV, or shortest distance travel times
  • Import your own data and combine multiple map types in a single project for complete geographic intelligence
  • Create catchments based on the included boundary data including postcode, administrative and health authority areas
  • Compare your data to household, adult count and total population from the demographic data included with MapVision

Custom polygons on a map

Refine your data map

MapVision enables informed business decisions, it then gives you the tools you need to demonstrate and share this data effectively with others:

  • Switch layers on or off to see exactly the data you need or set display ranges for each data layer so it only shows at relevant zoom/detail levels
  • Set the map extent based on a dataset of your choice to show only the parts of the UK relevant to you
  • Convert point set maps to catchment maps and aggregate individual values into area totals
  • Assign data points to a polygon to create catchments or territories
  • Add or remove areas from a catchment or remove points from a point set
  • Choose which data fields to display as data labels or a map key. Reposition and resize them to fit perfectly in context

Converting a point set map to a catchment map.

Now that you are happy with your data, you are ready to share it. This can be for further online collaboration with colleagues, to present it to stakeholders or to share it with clients. All of this is easy thanks to MapVision’s web interface.